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Our conductor Başak Doğan is the first Turkish student to be accepted to the Danish Royal Conservatory; she completed her Masters in 2018 with full marks and honors. At the same time, she has become the first and only conductor in Turkey to learn, teach, apply and perform with brand new methods of choral conducting and improvisation, which originally hail from Scandinavia. These “Rhythmic Choir” and “Intelligent Choir” methods focus on each individual existing in every moment, listing to the surrounding environment, concentrating on each unit of rhythm and the music that exists within it, and deepening the community of the choir. We are the first choir in Turkey to apply these disciplines.

We are also the only choir in Turkey to use VOPA (Vocal Painting) for improvisation. VOPA is a system of non-verbal communication that allows the singers and conductor to improvise freely while also harmonizing with the rest of the choir. With VOPA, we are able to create excellent music with as many people as we like, including entire audiences!

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