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Başak Doğan 

Founding Artistic Director
conductor basak dogan

Basak Dogan is an innovative conductor whose unique style has been turning heads around the world. After finishing her master in Philosophy of Music at Bogazici University in Istanbul, she got her second master’s degree in Rhythmic Choral Conducting at the Royal Academy of Music, Denmark, with the thesis of ‘Intuitive Conducting’. As a versatile conductor, she appears at numerous choral events, leading singers from all age groups. She won prizes and international recognition with her choir Chromas. 

Known best for blending different styles, Basak has developed a distinctive method for leading singers. Her enthusiasm for bringing her own cultural background into the choral world has had an impact on rhythmic choral music. Central to her style is “Vocal Painting,” a series of signals that allows the conductor and choir to improvise together and create “music of the moment.” Her new initiative "Vokal Akademi" has become the center for all the singers who want to master their singing and further their music career.

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