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Founded in 2015 by Başak Doğan, Chromas means “colours,” is comprised of members hailing from various cities, backgrounds and walks of life. Each member is like a unique colour. This diversity is reflected in their colourful repertoire, too: a wide range of music from contemporary jazz to folk arrangements, bringing together various languages and genres. In doing this, they embody the polyphonic, diverse, and colourful culture of Eurasia. When they sing and improvise together, they experience a unique and profound peace. Chromas is always in pursuit of creating new musical and performance ideas, with the goal of increasing the interest in choral music in Turkey. Being one of the pioneers of choir music in Turkey; Chromas participated in various prestigious events such as Choralies (2016), France; World Choral Symposium (2017), Spain, Chromas continues representing Turkey internationally.

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