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Closed for application - Thank you for your interest!

Turkey's first


virtual choir!


This time we sing all together!

We all miss being part of a community as we stay home during these overwhelming days – but we can still create together. We are waiting for you to join our song!

We’ll be singing one of our favorite songs from our repertoire, Dere Kenarında Taş Ben Olaydım, a Turkish folk song. It is easy to take part in our virtual choir.


  1. Click here for videos, click here for scores.

  2. Play the partition which you feel most comfortable. If you don’t know your voice classification, choose Soprano.

  3. Start recording yourself as you sing the song!

  4. Upload your video to WeTransfer, get the transfer link, and send it to us via the form below until 17th of April, 9 p.m.

  5. Don’t forget to follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts, subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on notifications so that you won’t miss our virtual choir!


  • Record your video vertically.

  • Make sure your face is well-lit. You may prefer recording your video in the morning!

  • Have a simple background behind you.

  • Only your voice should be heard in the video you recorded. You can listen to midi videos via earphones.

  • You can find the lyrics to the song below every video.

  • Click here to watch sample videos from our chorists.

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